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Does the effect of Mangal Dosha get nullified after the age of 28 years?

  Yes ! But there is a complete logic behind this concept, which is would like to share with you in this post with complete examples. Oftentimes it is noted that, any person person having a Mangal Dosha finally got married after 28 years age of life, whereas before this age s/he suffered a lot in getting married. Most interesting this is that, answer of this question is hidden in the Laal Kitab Jyotish. Since every planet remains effective in the specific age group and Laal Kitab tells us how this effectiveness of the planets guides our life. Note: This is not a 35 Saala Chakkar of Laal Kitab, it’s a duration or Miyad of Graha. Here is a list and duration of the planets as follows: Saturn-6yrs Rahu-6yrs Ketu-3yrs Jupiter-6yrs Sun-2yrs Moon-1yr Venus-3yrs Mars-6yrs Mercury-2yrs If you count the years from the top then till up to the Mars you will get the exact 28 years age but this 6 years phase is further divided in to the Mangal

Why some people suffer being a very nice horoscope but suffering physically and monetary?


Why some people suffer being a very nice horoscope but suffering physically and monetary?

Why some people suffer being a very nice horoscope but suffering physically and monetary?

There are many astrological causes which leads to the various problems in life. Sometimes lagna chart doesn’t reveals the overall truth behind the problems, but when analysis of the horoscope is performed we find the actual causes of problems, similarly the major cause of problems always lead by the bad Yoga of Horoscope.

Yoga are the planetary combinations, if formed in the auspicious or favorable houses then bring prosperity, name fame, success and happiness, whereas some inauspicious Yoga's leads to many problems in life.

The inauspicious Yoga's present in anyone's chart denote sacrifice, and paucity becomes permanent in the life of native, because such sacrifices and lack of support from planets leads to suffering a lot on all front and success evades him always in life. This the cause of their excruciating misery.

Why some people suffer being a very nice horoscope but suffering physically and monetary?

Let's learn about some Yoga of penury and miseries:

1. Daridra Yoga or Yoga of Penury or miseries

When lord of 11th house got destruction due to the ill position in chart, then this gives the formation of Daridra yoga. 11th house is seen for the gains, the gains through efforts, but afflicted 11th house and it's lord gives failures to your efforts.

2. Duryoga – Inauspicious for Professional Life

When 10th house lord I'll posted or association of 10th house lord with the Lord of 6 8 12 houses Lords.
10th house is house of karma or profession this yoga leads to the problems in career life due to this earnings remains weak and affected.

3. Nirbhagya Yoga – Bad Luck or bad Yogas in Astrology

This Yoga means adsense or loss of Bhagya (luck) thus Yoga leads when 9th house lord goes to the evil houses and 9th house is spoiled from evil planets.

4. Asubhmala Yoga – Huge expenses no savings

When all benefics occupy Trika houses i.e. 6, 8, 12 houses, this Yoga arises. Such a native will incur heavy expenses, be unhappy, unholy and will be engaged in unsocial activities.

There are number of Yoga's are illustrated in our Vedic Astrology texts, good Yoga's formed in natal chart supports native to attain success and wealth, but despite to this, bad Yoga's always create problems, setbacks, miseries, struggle, health issues and various other problems. 

So, it is must to identify the problems causing Yoga's in chart and perform specific remedies to get relief from the unbridled energies of the ominous Yoga's which are creating problem and miseries.

Poverty is a curse which is due to poverty and this curse leads to the degradation of basic human values, there is no life without money, since many helps us to meet requirement and daily needs, since money is everything it gives values and importance in the social circle. 

People without money live a life of suffering & penury- unsung, un-honoured in life as well as in death.

Saint Valmiki in Ramayana has said, “In this world, wealth is the most important thing. There is not much difference between a poor and a dead person”, and that, “All actions done by a poor man of low order dwindle into nothingness, as the flow of rivulets during summer”.


Go through this post to find remedies of all 9 planets:


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