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Planetary combinations responsible for hair fall of baldness

Beauty of face if directly associated with hairs, even hairs are the most valuable for everyone. Lots of us doesn't having beautiful or proper hair growth due this they always face taunting from others. There are many embarrassing words like - Ganja, Taklaa, Ujda Chaman and many more. Hairs are important for both males and females. 
Normal hair fall is a natural phenomenon of human body, because falling about 100 to 150 hairs daily is considered as normal condition because, after specific life of single hair it falls, but In case of excess hair fall some factors are responsible which may be due to hormonal imbalance, long term illness, prolonged medications, vitamin and protein deficiency etc.
Today we are going to discuss about some astrological factors which gives excessive hair fall or baldness. Majorly 3 factors influences the good hair growth and these are scientifically proven factors for normal hair growth which are as follows:
1. Hair follicles 2. Healthy skin (Epidermi…

Why Jupiter Rahu conjunction considered as bad

Let's understand with the short example, Jupiter is religious place or temple and Rahu is a slaughter house, casino or beer bar. I think this simple example is enough to clear the image of Sage (Jupiter) and bad Handsome (Rahu) between these two opposite forces. Similarly if Rahu is injury then, Jupiter is a medicine which gives relief from the pains given by Rahu.
Jupiter gets restricted when it conjoins with the chaotic Rahu because, Rahu restricts Jupiter to deliver it's auspicious results and also the bhava or house in which this conjunction, because this ominous conjunction disturbs the ambiance of related bhava.
Note: This is a most portentous conjunction, it considered most devastating effects giver when the houses of Jupiter -2, 5, 9, and it's signs - Sagittarius and Pisces are also affected by the malefic planets together with Kendra and Trine houses are also weak as comparatively 6, 8, 12 houses and their Lords. Whereby, the bad results and intensity of the bad…