Multifarious effects of Rahu & Ketu.

Whatever we call them to Rahu Ketu is less because these are highly malefic and deceptive in nature Vedic scriptures reveals complete truth about these shadows, Rahu and Ketu Don’t have physical appearance they are shadowy planets but, shadow in itself is capable to create turbulence in our life.

Commonly these are called by names as, Demons, Serpents, Nodes, Chhaya Grah. Due to poisonous in nature, their silent and sudden bites is capable to dissolve poison in our life as well as in our soul, through the malefic effects.

As, Demons due to it’s delusive nature Rahu steers mind and attracts towards the lavish expenditure, you might foresee financial fluctuatios only dusro unplanned expenses.
Ketu also gives expenses but these could be for welfare of others and charity.
High desires will create anxiety and frustrations.
Shortcuts to achieve success leads in to new troubles.

If Rahu is negative for you then, 

Avoid to be combatant with anyone, specially with your loved one as well as maintain harmonious relations with everyone.
Don’t allow yourself to become conceited or arrogant in any manner.
Your tolerance power will be tested many times.
Try your best to respect other’s ideas and opinions.

So, it’s depends on you what exactly you want from these serpents “Success or Frustrations”, because even though these of maleficent nature these are best known for the success giver also.
Pleased Rahu or Ketu helps in every areas of life, but an afflicted or weak state of these shadows results many types of problems.


Astrologer Subhash Sharma


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