Impact of Saturn-Sun (सूर्य - शनि) Conjunction in horoscope

Friends, Sun and Saturn are two opposite nature planets, as we knows they are in close relation and are father and son, Sun is a father and Saturn is a son, but both are true blooded enemy of each others. However they are enemy in each other but, gives some sweet and sour results wherever they conjunct in any house of your horoscope.

Let’s have a quick look about some positive and negative results:

Positive results: Sun denotes authority, activity and behaviour and Saturn signifies – focus, structure, sensibility, gumption, helping needy, slow and steady. The effects of the Sun and Saturn makes native -  self made, intelligent, active, matured, he will be productive in dealings, efficient in handling business related to metallurgy, religious inclinations, conservative nature, focused, easily makes money through his intelligence, inclined towards the spirituality.

Negative results: If this conjunction arises in 6th 8th and 12th houses, then it gives some native effects like -  problems with father, boss, financial issues, dull-witted, health issues, native may deprive from the conjugal happiness, deprived from happiness, problems in education, failures, fears, accidents, darkness in life in the form of miseries and unhappiness, blockage of fate, betrayal or backstabbing at the work place, conflicts with the friends or loved ones which lands him in trouble.

Astrologer Subhash Sharma


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