Bhadra Panch Mahapurush Yog in Kundli

Bhadra Pancha Mahapurush Yogas

Pancha Mahapurush Yoga meaning – Five great men, it is a five different group and Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn gives the formation of this prosperity and luck giving Yoga, these planets represents five sense – Smell, sight, hearing, taste, touch. The formation of this luck enhancing Yoga in a horoscope of a native gives, name-fame, prosperity, success. Similarly, the relationship between the planets, and lords of two houses and if the planets are posited in the particular positions then native gains immense success, prosperity in life.
The number of the Yoga are as follows:
1. Ruchak Yoga
2. Bhadra Yoga
3. Hamsa Yoga
4. Malavya Yoga
5. Sasa Yoga

Here we are going to learn 2. Bhadra Yoga out of 5 Yogas.
If Mercury occupies Kendra houses and occupies Gemini or Virgo sign then Bhadra Yoga Forms.
This yoga confer with the Mercury, as Bhadra Yoga manifest the qualities of Mercury and Mercury is a planet of speech, communication, mathematics, intelligence…

Bad signs and symptoms of the Rahu

Rahu inclines the native towards the bad or illegal activities and attract wealth and success if it is favorable for you, otherwise an afflicted or weak Rahu creates problems, setbacks, blockage of fate, financial issues, betrayal, diseases. let’s get familiar with the negative side face of Rahu. Due to weak Rahu paucity becomes permanent in life, because of such sacrifices and lack of support from Rahu, man suffers a lot on all the fronts and success evades him always.

Note: Rahu is a top graded malefic planet, it may give you good results or may cause lots of problems during it’s transit and Mahadasha phase. Though it depends on it’s positioning in the natal chart, if it is afflicted or ill placed in the chart then it will results adversely, whereas good or neutral positioning in the chart may tend to results as per it’s strength or positioning in the chart. So results may vary as per the conditions of it in your horoscope.

  • You see unexpected financial loss, loss of property, theft, loss of income and other natural disasters.
  • Your home is suddenly breaking down and in need of big repairs and maintenance.
  • Whether your house is old or new, you have many pests like mosquitoes, lizards, and ants, etc. that do not leave even if you try.
  • Vehicles and other amenities start breaking down or get stolen.
  • Suddenly, your peaceful and happy life is disrupted.
  • Your family members and you are constantly fighting and having problems.
  • You suffer from abortions, miscarriages, or your child is sick and unhealthy.
  • You suddenly become rude and mean, and start committing offenses in your personal and professional life.
  • Your well-wishers begin wishing ill of you.
  • You lose interest in prayers and religion.

If above mentioned problems are relating with you then, it means your Rahu is afflicted or not in a situations to give you good results, thereby you need the through mapping of your horoscope to check the possibilities to make difference in your life by provided the desired level of auspicious energy to your natal Rahu.

Astrologer Subhash Sharma


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