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Multifarious effects of Rahu & Ketu.

Whatever we call them to Rahu Ketu is less because these are highly malefic and deceptive in nature Vedic scriptures reveals complete truth about these shadows, Rahu and Ketu Don’t have physical appearance they are shadowy planets but, shadow in itself is capable to create turbulence in our life.

Commonly these are called by names as, Demons, Serpents, Nodes, Chhaya Grah. Due to poisonous in nature, their silent and sudden bites is capable to dissolve poison in our life as well as in our soul, through the malefic effects.

As, Demons due to it’s delusive nature Rahu steers mind and attracts towards the lavish expenditure, you might foresee financial fluctuatios only dusro unplanned expenses.
Ketu also gives expenses but these could be for welfare of others and charity.
High desires will create anxiety and frustrations.
Shortcuts to achieve success leads in to new troubles.

If Rahu is negative for you then, 

Avoid to be combatant with anyone, specially with your loved one as well as mai…

How do I strengthen weak Moon with the help of Astrology?

Moon, the luster of life and calmness. You are enveloped in the negative environment and your Moon is weak, it means that Moon is not in a healthy state. Though, Moon gets weak when it is ill placed in the chart or meeting unfavorable aspects or in a conjunction with the enemy planets viz, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. Whereas the unfavorable houses for Moon are 6, 8, 12 houses these are Trik houses and considered as the unfavorable place for Moon.
What are the results of afflicted Moon:
As Moon represents our mind and thought process a healthy State of Moon strengthen our confidence and decision talking power. Thereby, afflicted Moon directly cause fluctuations at the thought process level, negativity, dual nature tendencies, excess thinking for any thing, fear for someone to family member for his or her well being. Often seems that, afflicted Moon individual got easily betrayed by deceptive people, whereas to the financial front, an afflicted Moon disturbs finance stability, native splurge …

Bad signs and symptoms of the Rahu

Rahu inclines the native towards the bad or illegal activities and attract wealth and success if it is favorable for you, otherwise an afflicted or weak Rahu creates problems, setbacks, blockage of fate, financial issues, betrayal, diseases. let’s get familiar with the negative side face of Rahu. Due to weak Rahu paucity becomes permanent in life, because of such sacrifices and lack of support from Rahu, man suffers a lot on all the fronts and success evades him always.
Note: Rahu is a top graded malefic planet, it may give you good results or may cause lots of problems during it’s transit and Mahadasha phase. Though it depends on it’s positioning in the natal chart, if it is afflicted or ill placed in the chart then it will results adversely, whereas good or neutral positioning in the chart may tend to results as per it’s strength or positioning in the chart. So results may vary as per the conditions of it in your horoscope.
You see unexpected financial loss, loss of property, the…

Planets responsible for financial problems

Are your stars giving you sufferings and financial problems?

Check which unfavorable Yoga leading to financial problems.

Yoga are the planetary combinations, if formed in the auspicious or favorable houses then bring prosperity, name fame, success and happiness, whereas some inauspicious Yoga's leads to many problems in life.
The auspicious Yoga's present in anyone's chart denote sacrifice, and paucity becomes permanent in the life of native, because such sacrifices and lack of support from planets leads to suffering a lot on all front and success evades him always in life. This the cause of their excruciating misery.

Let's learn about some Yoga of penury and miseries:

1. Daridra Yoga or Yoga of Penury or miseries

When lord of 11th house got destruction due to the ill position in chart, then this gives the formation of Daridra yoga. 11th house is seen for the gains, the gains through efforts, but afflicted 11th house and it's lord gives failures to your efforts.