Bhadra Panch Mahapurush Yog in Kundli

Bhadra Pancha Mahapurush Yogas

Pancha Mahapurush Yoga meaning – Five great men, it is a five different group and Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn gives the formation of this prosperity and luck giving Yoga, these planets represents five sense – Smell, sight, hearing, taste, touch. The formation of this luck enhancing Yoga in a horoscope of a native gives, name-fame, prosperity, success. Similarly, the relationship between the planets, and lords of two houses and if the planets are posited in the particular positions then native gains immense success, prosperity in life.
The number of the Yoga are as follows:
1. Ruchak Yoga
2. Bhadra Yoga
3. Hamsa Yoga
4. Malavya Yoga
5. Sasa Yoga

Here we are going to learn 2. Bhadra Yoga out of 5 Yogas.
If Mercury occupies Kendra houses and occupies Gemini or Virgo sign then Bhadra Yoga Forms.
This yoga confer with the Mercury, as Bhadra Yoga manifest the qualities of Mercury and Mercury is a planet of speech, communication, mathematics, intelligence…

Why remedies are not working in yielding the desired results?

Whenever any planet gives untoward results due to the unfavorable positioning in the horoscope or due to the unfavorable alignment of dasha or during transit then our learned astrologers suggests remedies as per cited in our classical texts to tone down the malefic effects of the related planet. But despite in getting the relief from the remedies performed natives doesn't get relief from from the affecting planet, rather problems turn to the more complexed side.

At this point native blames his/her luck and suspiciously look upon the astrology and astrological system, at this stage both the astrology and astrologer both comes under the question that, who is wrong astrology or an astrologer?
Remember that, remedies only gives desired results to those who performs it sincerely with true devotion, since divine sources are invisible, thus only and the only way to make connection with the divine source is true devotion.

There are some other factors due to remedies not work which are;

Starting remedies without making solemn vow.
Leaving remedies due to not getting results.
Intermittent not following the remedies regularly.
No immaculate devotion, just a formality.
Wish for the early results.
No appurtenant remedies with performing remedies.
No belief on the rituals.
So these are some major causes which restricts the divine grace to fall on our luck and help us in commuting the ongoing problems.

I hope this post help you to understand about the supreme powers and help you to make firm connection between the divinity and belief to get smoothness in life and desired effects from remedies.

Acharya Subhash Sharma


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