Bhadra Panch Mahapurush Yog in Kundli

Bhadra Pancha Mahapurush Yogas

Pancha Mahapurush Yoga meaning – Five great men, it is a five different group and Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn gives the formation of this prosperity and luck giving Yoga, these planets represents five sense – Smell, sight, hearing, taste, touch. The formation of this luck enhancing Yoga in a horoscope of a native gives, name-fame, prosperity, success. Similarly, the relationship between the planets, and lords of two houses and if the planets are posited in the particular positions then native gains immense success, prosperity in life.
The number of the Yoga are as follows:
1. Ruchak Yoga
2. Bhadra Yoga
3. Hamsa Yoga
4. Malavya Yoga
5. Sasa Yoga

Here we are going to learn 2. Bhadra Yoga out of 5 Yogas.
If Mercury occupies Kendra houses and occupies Gemini or Virgo sign then Bhadra Yoga Forms.
This yoga confer with the Mercury, as Bhadra Yoga manifest the qualities of Mercury and Mercury is a planet of speech, communication, mathematics, intelligence…

Some general remedies for everyone for happy married life

As happiness is a the right for all but life turn uneasy when unfavorable situations crop-out in the married-life, though contentious situations are the part of married-life, anyway married-life is a blend of sweet and sour experiences.

As remedies are effective when; we maintains a harmonious collaboration with the spouse, being totally dependent on the remedies is quite unjustified, therefore making healthy relations with the spouse is must.

Tough, remedies plays a vital role to boost the happiness but vis-a-vis rhythm is most important with the spouse.

let’s discuss what are the remedies that can make happy married-life.

Primarily; we have to boost the strength of divine planet which is none other than Jupiter because, Jupiter brings happiness in life allows wealth and togetherness in the family and makes the relationships intact.

Secondly; Venus, Yes! It is the master of happiness specially; conjugal happiness, Venus is provides happiness and boost the conjugal harmonious relations between the couples. Married-life happiness is totally depends upon the strength of Venus and Jupiter, happiness and problems are decided by the actual condition of these planets in the natal chart.

Whereas, the specific remedies are the subject to the Venus and Jupiter but, everyone can follow some basic remedies which proves beneficial to get the auspicious energy of planets in the married-life.

If Jupiter and Venus are the Kendra or tine lords then, Gemstones can be adorned but additionally”

Daan Jaap Puja and Mantra’ are suggested as a general remedies.
Daan: doante curd, camphor, cotton, rice and white flowers.
Jaap or Mantra: To get best effects from Venus; Recite the following mantra 11 times daily and 21 times every Friday in front of the idol or picture of your Kul-Devi or Lakshmi ji.


Recite the following mantra 11 times every day and 21 times every Thursday’s in front of the idol or picture of Lord Vishnu.


These remedies are helpful to get some sweetness in the married-life but for the proper guidance I suggest you to get proper analysis of both husband’s and wife's chart to find lots more possibilities for happiness.


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