What is Hamsa Rajyog (हंस राजयोग) benefits and how to calculate

Formation of Hamsa Rajyog
Hamsa Yoga forms with the divine Jupiter, when it occupies Kendra houses together with if it occupies signs – Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces, then this gives the arise of Hamsa Yoga.
Jupiter signifies, wealth, expansion, education, guru, wisdom, learning, happiness, elegance, knowledge. Native with Hamsa Yoga are sweet voice, attractive courageous, honest, trust worthy, educated, virtuous and enjoys all types of material comforts and sensual desires.

Cancellation of Maha Purush Yoga
As per classical texts Mansagri, chapter 13, says The conjunction of the Yoga creating planets if conjoins with the Sun or Moon then Yoga gets nullified or becomes ineffective. Whereas there are some more other factors which gives cancellation of Mahapurusha Yoga, which are as follows:
Moon is in 6/8 position fromJupiter.Close contact with the Mercury/Rahu.Mutual aspect with the Mars. Jupiter is combust or Retro. If Yoga giving planet is combust or weak. If it is aspected by it’s deb…

Some astrological factors which gives no marriage?

There are so many combinations in Vedic Astrology, one of the illustrated Yoga in classics is “Sadhu Yoga” in which person remains unmarried or divorced, lives separated life or s/he is having no pleasures of marriage and married life.

Since our stars controls our life in various manner, similarly our birth map indicates about the happiness from marriage, if good aspects and healthy state of planets are present in chart then these aspects assures the life long happiness in married life.

Sanyasa Yoga: When four or more with Sun and Moon conjoins in Kendra or Trikona houses leads to the formation of Sanyasa, Sadhu or Ascetism Yoga. This Yoga incline the native towards renunciation or to give up the worldly pleasures even any relation.
Some combinations ascribed in classical texts are:
Four or more than four Planets when conjoins in any house, if this conjunction is in the Kendra or Trikon houses then it gives strong Asceticism or Sanyasa.
When Lords of lagna, 4th, 10th, and Mars is also in a mutual aspect then it gives Asceticism or Sanyasa.
When Moon is in strong position along with lagna and lagna lord are strong together.
Benefics in 3rd 6th from Arudha Lagna gives Asceticism.
Significator planets - Jupiter and Venus should aslo be considered to assess the delay of marriage.

Here are some other combinations for unmarried:
  • If 7th lord having association with 6th 8th 12th houses or their Lords
  • Malefics present in 7th house or having malefic aspect on 7th house
  • 7th lord debilitated or combust
  • Paap katri yoga for 7th house or 7th lord
  • 7th house or 7th lord is on Rahu Ketu axis
  • Presence or aspect of cruel or paapi planets to the 7th hose like, Rahu Ketu Shani Mars Sun causes delay, separation or native may remain unmarried for the long time.

Acharya Subhash Sharma


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