What is Hamsa Rajyog (हंस राजयोग) benefits and how to calculate

Formation of Hamsa Rajyog
Hamsa Yoga forms with the divine Jupiter, when it occupies Kendra houses together with if it occupies signs – Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces, then this gives the arise of Hamsa Yoga.
Jupiter signifies, wealth, expansion, education, guru, wisdom, learning, happiness, elegance, knowledge. Native with Hamsa Yoga are sweet voice, attractive courageous, honest, trust worthy, educated, virtuous and enjoys all types of material comforts and sensual desires.

Cancellation of Maha Purush Yoga
As per classical texts Mansagri, chapter 13, says The conjunction of the Yoga creating planets if conjoins with the Sun or Moon then Yoga gets nullified or becomes ineffective. Whereas there are some more other factors which gives cancellation of Mahapurusha Yoga, which are as follows:
Moon is in 6/8 position fromJupiter.Close contact with the Mercury/Rahu.Mutual aspect with the Mars. Jupiter is combust or Retro. If Yoga giving planet is combust or weak. If it is aspected by it’s deb…

Saturn (Shani) transit for Leo Ascendant.

Results of Saturn (Shani) transit for Leo Ascendant.

Now the god of Justice is about to ingress to Capricorn sign on 24th January 2020, it will affect our life in various manners some lucky natives enjoy this productive and opportune phase but unluckily some may have impediments, grief, failures, and hardships in their lives.

For Leo ascendant Saturn will transit from the 6th house, somehow this phase may cause some hardships and obstacles in life, but this phase also make you more practical and grounded to tackle any twisted condition's.

Note: The below provided transit results are as per the Ascendant/Lagna only.

During it’s transition Saturn would aspect the 8th, 12th, and 3rd house of your natal chart.

As for Leo sign Shani is rival to Sun, thus transit will be from 6th house, therefore hurdles and obstacles for Leo can be expected.

Health – Due to the aspect of Saturn to your 8th house, this transit demands your attention towards your health otherwise, this phase may trouble you related to your health issues. Take care of health, consume plenty of water, avoid spicy or oily food, and do regular checkup those who already suffering from any health issues.

Career – If you are planning for the foreign travel or jobs related to foreign then, this is the ideal phase to apply your efforts in this direction, since chances of success are very high.

For business professionals, any hasty major investments to any business ventures may impel you towards the loss, thereby weigh the pros and cons before investing huge amount to any venture, expert advise will prove to be beneficial.

Personal Life – You may find yourself more communicative, because Saturn is activating your communication house, but keep control over your tongue, any harsh behavior with the friends or loved ones may create problems to you. Be polite at the provocative conditions. On the other hand this transit may give you good new from your relatives side.

Finance – Finally, your finical sector will remain little bit at the weaker or vulnerable side, due to your huge or unplanned expenses, if you control over your expenses then you can expect for the stability and growth to your financial front.

Note: if Saturn is weak, afflicted in your natal chart then, this transit may affect your health and chances of litigation are also high, so don't be impulsive with your actions, make healthy relations, take care of health and take sound sleep because Saturn will aspect to your 12th house which is seen for the sleep and losses, lack of sleep may lead to the loss of health.


Acharya Subhash Sharma



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