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Does the effect of Mangal Dosha get nullified after the age of 28 years?

  Yes ! But there is a complete logic behind this concept, which is would like to share with you in this post with complete examples. Oftentimes it is noted that, any person person having a Mangal Dosha finally got married after 28 years age of life, whereas before this age s/he suffered a lot in getting married. Most interesting this is that, answer of this question is hidden in the Laal Kitab Jyotish. Since every planet remains effective in the specific age group and Laal Kitab tells us how this effectiveness of the planets guides our life. Note: This is not a 35 Saala Chakkar of Laal Kitab, it’s a duration or Miyad of Graha. Here is a list and duration of the planets as follows: Saturn-6yrs Rahu-6yrs Ketu-3yrs Jupiter-6yrs Sun-2yrs Moon-1yr Venus-3yrs Mars-6yrs Mercury-2yrs If you count the years from the top then till up to the Mars you will get the exact 28 years age but this 6 years phase is further divided in to the Mangal

What happens when Jupiter is debilitated in the 7th house of horoscope?

As Jupiter is the planet of happiness, wealth and prosperity, it’s a natural benefic planet and placement of Jupiter in any Kendra or Trikona Houses increases it’s beneficence to bless the native with it’s divine grace but some factors changes the theme of benefic Jupiter from benefic to neutral or malefic. Since 7 th house is seen for the marriage, married life happiness, and partnership. If 7 th house is devoid from the benefic aspects and any of the planet occupies the 7 th house and gets afflicted here then it harms the benefic aspects of 7 th house, similarly Jupiter is benefic planet and if it is afflicted in the 7 th house then it harms the significance of 7 th house also significance of the Jupiter also may get harmed. Results of debilitated Jupiter in 7 th house: it causes delays in marriage financial problems after marriage Affects married life happiness Causes problems in business partnerships health issues to the spouse These are some un

Which astrological factors causes Diabetes

Astrological Factors for Diabetes Now a days diabetes are becoming common disease. The common problem of the etiology of the diabetes is bad lifestyle and wrong eating habits Diabetes is a disease and this is also affecting the older as well as newborns. Many cases are found that the child born with the diabetes due the congenitally transmitted from one generation to the other generation. Diabetes disease is also called as a silent killer or sweet position because it's effect takes time to arise some people don't have any symptoms of diabetes but all of sudden problems arise in the multiple health problems because diabetes affects other organs also like kidney, liver, skin, eyes and bones. Diabetes is metabolic disorder when we consume food then pancreas function in the breakdown of sugar by formation of insulin in our blood but due improper functioning of the pancreas results in no breakdown of sugar then unbreakable sugar directly passes through our kidneys and

What astrological combinations denote long-term unemployment in a horoscope?

There could be lots of reasons for the unemployment, similar if we look through the astrological aspects the birth map clearly indicates the image of career. If planetary positioning of the native’s chart is promising for the good career then native enjoys his/her career. Similarly some unfavorable planetary combinations and formulations of the planets indicates that native may face long term unemployment or not. Astrological combinations for the long-term unemployment As profession or career is acts like the source of income through which we fulfills our requirements, it could be personal or for the family availability of money and proper cycle of the income generation is must for the happy life. Since the unfavorable positioning of the planets affects our career prospects and creates long term unemployment. Primarily our natal Moon holds the powers and indicates about the mental state, if Moon is afflicted or positioned in the unfavorable or aggressive sig

Does Rahu give some bad effects even though having good placement in the birth chart?

Let me clear first that, positioning of the 9 planets in your birth map is direct promise of the planets, but question arises when promise will fructify, as far as Rahu is concerned if Rahu is posited good in the chart then it doesn't guarantees for the good results forever. Since various other factors are responsible for the good and bad results delivered by the Rahu which are; Transiting Rahu to favorable or unfavorable houses. If it is posited good in chart and during it's transit it is transiting to the favorable houses I.e 3, 6, 10, 11 houses (upachaya houses) together with Mahadasha is also supportive to Rahu then, it will deliver it's good results. If it is transiting to the unfavorable houses I.e. 6, 8, 12, houses together with Dasha is of rival planets; Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter then, you can't expect for the good results. Similarly if Rahu is good posited in the chart with Saturn is also in the good position then, Rahu is conside

How do I become mentally strong?

There are many happenings, relations, choices and petty things which causes mental distortions. If we can’t perform up to the level or due to the non-fulfillment of wishes and expectations from others doesn’t fulfills then these issues may causes some problems to the soft mind to disturb it’s ambiance. There are many ways through which you can make your mind strong which are: Be neutral to things Don’t be much possessive Respect yourself Keep practicing of self affirmation Always be focused to your goals Respect your parents, because they are the main emotional supporters Share your views to parents, you may find proper and beneficial solutions from parents. Sound health conditions supports to make healthy mind, thereby outdoor games help you a lot to make your mentally strong. Spare time for you, improve your lifestyle outlook, by grooming yourself, shopping, or by changing your getup. As these are practical solutions to make yourself mentally stron

What are all the remedies to strengthen the ascendant?

Ascendant represents yourself, your appearance, body stature, out of the 4 pillars I.e. Kendra houses this is one of the most essential pillar without the complete support of the Kendra houses balance in life can't be expected, now these words are enough to understand the importance of Lagna or Ascendant. Look, if you're in a journey and driver is driving your car if the state of health of driver is good then he will drop you to your destination without hassle, but if your driver is not healthy then you can't expect to reach your destination on time, during your journey he will undergo lots of problems like, traveling sickness, vomit even there could be a danger of accident also. Likewise is your Ascendant and it's lord, it's a driver of your life's journey. There could be difference of opinions from Astrologer to Astrologer, some of them imposes their own ideas and thinking and mix it with the divine Astrology, but in my opinion we are nothing to over im

When is Rahu considered weak to deliver good results?

Often times Rahu gives bad results it's all due to the unfavorable positioing of Rahu in chart, thereby there are some unfavorable positions of Rahu which are considered bad these are; If Rahu is positioned in the 6, 8, 12 houses, these are Trik Bhava and Rahu is considered weak or bad to deliver auspicious results. If Rahu is getting the unfavorable aspects from the enemy planets e.g. Sun, Mars, Moon, Jupiter then Rahu looses it's powers to deliver good results. If dispositor of the Sign occupied by Rahu is having low score in Ashtakvarga then this factor harms Rahu to deliver good results. When Rahu gives good results Rahu considered as good in Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius signs and if it's dispositors are also in the well state then Rahu gains strength and delivers good results. Houses of growth (Upachaya Houses) I.e. 3, 6, 10, 11 are considered as the good houses for Rahu and Rahu delivers it's good results while posited in the above houses. On