What is Hamsa Rajyog (हंस राजयोग) benefits and how to calculate

Formation of Hamsa Rajyog
Hamsa Yoga forms with the divine Jupiter, when it occupies Kendra houses together with if it occupies signs – Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces, then this gives the arise of Hamsa Yoga.
Jupiter signifies, wealth, expansion, education, guru, wisdom, learning, happiness, elegance, knowledge. Native with Hamsa Yoga are sweet voice, attractive courageous, honest, trust worthy, educated, virtuous and enjoys all types of material comforts and sensual desires.

Cancellation of Maha Purush Yoga
As per classical texts Mansagri, chapter 13, says The conjunction of the Yoga creating planets if conjoins with the Sun or Moon then Yoga gets nullified or becomes ineffective. Whereas there are some more other factors which gives cancellation of Mahapurusha Yoga, which are as follows:
Moon is in 6/8 position fromJupiter.Close contact with the Mercury/Rahu.Mutual aspect with the Mars. Jupiter is combust or Retro. If Yoga giving planet is combust or weak. If it is aspected by it’s deb…

How is Nadi Dosha cancelled

How is Nadi Dosha cancelled and what does this mean?

Before to get cancellation of Nadi Dosha, we have to understand the basic factors. which would help you to clear the picture about the Nadi Dosha. As, during compatibility assessment and match making, total 8 matching points are considered and all are important in order to enjoy happiness in married-life.

Nadi Dosha and it’s cancellation

In this astrological system, eight factors are considered into account, which are :

Varna – Matching of the castes (1 Point)2. Vashya – Attraction (2 Points)3. Tara – Longevity of either (3 Points)4. Yoni – Nature and characteristics (4 Points)5. Graha Maitri – Natural friendship (5 Points)6. Gan – Mental Compatibility (6 Points)7. Bhakoot – Relative influence of one on the other (7 Points)8. Nadi – possibility of child birth (8 Points)

Whenever the matter comes for the marriage then it becomes very important to check all related factors and remove confusions before marriage in order to enjoy happy and harmonious married-life. To asses married life of bride and bridegroom, there is an elaborate system in Astrology called Nakshatra Melapak.

What classics literature gives solutions and exceptions for the cancellation of Nadi Dosha:

एक नक्षत्र जातानां नाड़ी दोषो न विद्यते। अन्यक्र्षनाड़ी वेधेषु विवाहो वर्जितः सदा।।

- ज्योतिष तत्व प्रकाश

Though same Nakshatra or same Rashi of the bride and bridegroom amounts to cancellation of Nadi Dosha but if the nakshatra charans are same or there is "padavedha" then marriage cannot take place.

एकाधिपत्ये त्वथ मित्रभावे स्त्री पुंसराश्योर्न रज्जुदोषे।

षड्काष्टकादिष्वपि शर्मद स्यादुद्वाह कर्माचरतोस्तयोश्च।।

-वसिष्ठ संहिता

This means, Natural friendships between the Rashi or Navamsha lords nullify the adverse effects of various koot Doshas including Nadi Dosha.

Now this is an important addition to the Nadi Dosha cancellation conditions stated earlier viz.

When the Rashi of bride and bridegroom is same but nakshatras are different.

When both have same Nakshatra but Rashis are different.

When Nakshatra is same but charans are different.

What is Nadi dosha?

The 27 Nakshatras are divided into 3 Nadis viz. Aadi, Madhya and Antya as follows :

If the bride and bridegroom's Nakshatras belong to the same Nadi (i.e. Aadi-Aadi or Madhya - Madhya or Antya - Antya) then Nadi Dosha arises and no points are allotted under Nadikoota which means 8 points are lost.

But, in-case their birth Nakshatras belong to different Nadis, then under Nadikoota full 8 points are scored by the couple

Exceptions to Nadi Dosha or Cancellation.

The ill effect is negligible or neutralized in case of charan 1&3, and 2&4. 'Pada Vedha' extends

As there are some factors which can nullifies the adverse effects of the Ashtkoota Dosha, these are:

विभैक चरणे भिन्नर्दां राश्यैककं भिन्नाङध्रयेक भमेतयोर्गण खगौ नाड़ी नृदूरंचन

- मुहूर्त मार्तण्ड 4/6

This means, if

- the bride and bridegroom have different charans but same Nakshatra

- different Rashis but same Nakshatra

- same Rashis but different Nakshatras

then this would pacify the ill effects of many Dosha , moreover the ill effects of gana, graha maitri, Nadi Doshas.

I hope this answers your question, contact for astrological guidance.


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