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What is Pitra Dosha Curse

Pitra Dosha 

Pitra Dosha or (Pitra Rin or Debt) is life long illness and connected from the many previous births. Formation of Dosha generally indicated in the horoscope by the planetary formulations and positioning of the planets.
Since this Dosha purely indicates Karmic Debt of the ancestors and the bad deeds committed by the forefathers and the nonpacified souls of them are creating problems in the present life. Secondly It forms due to the neglect to ancestors or manes, similarly if someone is not paying them with their proper due and not performing the shraddh or charity this makes them angry because you’re enjoying the assets given by them but due to the non paying the regard in the form of remembering and not giving thanks in the form of devotion or prayers then problems are surely to come. 
Therefore spiritual elevations and prayers to remain in peace is must. Since it is mentioned in the Brahma Puran, that Yamaraj makes all souls free during Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month…

Saturn transit 2020 and it's effects

Saturn the God of justice Transiting Saturn will ingress to the Capricorn sign on 24th January 2020, since Saturn will leave Sagittarius sign and t will free with association with Ketu respectively. Since two natural malefic viz Saturn and Ketu will free from it's long term conjunction. As we knows Saturn is a heavy malefic and known best for the hardships and experiences of resentments due to the failures and many other unwanted happenings. Thus it is best for all and worst for those who works against to nature of Shani. Vedic texts depicts it's significance it represents for the grief and sorrow, impediments, failures but contrary to this Saturn gives high rises and doubled your success through it's effects. Similarly Saturn demands hard work and struggle to get the nectar in the form of success. For Various Ascendant or Moon signs during it's transiting phase Saturn will deliver it's effects in various forms, though struggle can be expected during this phase but su…

How is Nadi Dosha cancelled

How is Nadi Dosha cancelled and what does this mean?
Before to get cancellation of Nadi Dosha, we have to understand the basic factors. which would help you to clear the picture about the Nadi Dosha. As, during compatibility assessment and match making, total 8 matching points are considered and all are important in order to enjoy happiness in married-life.
Nadi Dosha and it’s cancellation
In this astrological system, eight factors are considered into account, which are :
Varna – Matching of the castes (1 Point)2. Vashya – Attraction (2 Points)3. Tara – Longevity of either (3 Points)4. Yoni – Nature and characteristics (4 Points)5. Graha Maitri – Natural friendship (5 Points)6. Gan – Mental Compatibility (6 Points)7. Bhakoot – Relative influence of one on the other (7 Points)8. Nadi – possibility of child birth (8 Points)
Whenever the matter comes for the marriage then it becomes very important to check all related factors and remove confusions before marriage in order to enjoy happy and h…

Effect of Ketu and Saturn combination in Kundali

Effect of Ketu and Saturn combination in Kundali

Ketu and Saturn, if one is petrol then another one is fire, both are destructive and this conjunction is known as Saturn-Ketu Shapit Dosha. Both are separative and top class heavy malefics. Saturn and Ketu are very different from each other, with Saturn reminding you of what you can’t get and Ketu in a pursuit of squandering everything. They create anxiety about losing what you have which might lead to stress and even self harming.

Under this conjunction where the shadow of renunciation and detachment Ketu meets the strict disciplinarian Saturn, it creates a unique energy. It gives you opportunity to make a strong mark. However, you under this conjunction might not necessarily be honest all the time as you try to compromise values to get success at times.

Ketu causes you to move in another direction and will make you cunning and more of a devil’s advocate. You are bound to only do things that benefit you. This conjunction produces …

Depression and Astrological Factors

For depression number of planetary combinations and other factors are responsible, planetary factors indicates the chances of depression to native but our practices triggers the bad Yogas of depression to affects us, similarly if you have a petrol then the single spark ignite the fire and turns the situations in to critical form. As many of us are suffering from the depression, some of us having low intensity and unluckily many of us having strong inclinations and influence of depressive tendencies. Let’s look to the various planets responsible for the depression
What is depression It is a state of mind in which native not feels happy, thoughts overplays in mind, contiguous thinking to someone or something, sometimes depression is due to some reasons and sometimes it is due to non any reason it is just because of continuous thinking.
Some causes results in the depression which are; Failures in life: Peoples handles the challenges and failures with confidence, but some t…