Bhadra Panch Mahapurush Yog in Kundli

Bhadra Pancha Mahapurush Yogas

Pancha Mahapurush Yoga meaning – Five great men, it is a five different group and Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn gives the formation of this prosperity and luck giving Yoga, these planets represents five sense – Smell, sight, hearing, taste, touch. The formation of this luck enhancing Yoga in a horoscope of a native gives, name-fame, prosperity, success. Similarly, the relationship between the planets, and lords of two houses and if the planets are posited in the particular positions then native gains immense success, prosperity in life.
The number of the Yoga are as follows:
1. Ruchak Yoga
2. Bhadra Yoga
3. Hamsa Yoga
4. Malavya Yoga
5. Sasa Yoga

Here we are going to learn 2. Bhadra Yoga out of 5 Yogas.
If Mercury occupies Kendra houses and occupies Gemini or Virgo sign then Bhadra Yoga Forms.
This yoga confer with the Mercury, as Bhadra Yoga manifest the qualities of Mercury and Mercury is a planet of speech, communication, mathematics, intelligence…

Problems in marriage life

  1. Problems in marriage life.

If Moon is the Lord of 7th house or moon is situated there then be rest assure that you will gonna face serious family problems after marriage.
  1. If mercury and Jupiter is not favourable then the native should never do business.
  2. Partners in business can cheat the native.
  3. If the house, or the Lord itself anyhow connected with 6th or 8th houses Lord then it can harm or can give disease of sexual organs.
  4. If the planet of the house is very week & it's neither male nor female or not connected with any male or female planet then the native can experience lack of power of producing baby. There can be some defect in sexual organs.
  5. If the debilitated planet is exalted in the Navamsha chart
  6. If the debilitated planet is conjunct with another planet. If that planet is benefic it gives more support to the debilitated planet, but any conjunction helps.
  7. If the debilitated planet is aspected by another planet. Again, if the aspect comes from a benefic planet it will give more support to the debilitated planet, but any aspecting helps.
  8. If you do have a completely debilitated planet, or if a debilitated planet in your chart doesn’t have much support, you can offer the remedies for that planet. Mantras, pujas, fire ceremonies, volunteering your time, making donations, fasting (if appropriate) on certain days, are all remedies that will require you to think about your daily habits and thought patterns. If you see a habit that doesn’t serve your highest good, you have the opportunity to change it. Those who don’t see their non-useful patterns are far less likely to change them. The guidance of a guru or trusted teacher or pandit is recommended when offering remedies.
    Having said all of the above, the 7th house is a kama house, meaning that we will try to enjoy life in this house. The 7th house is in the rajasic part of the chart, which refers to our activities and interactions with people close to us. So in the 7th house we want to enjoy life with our spouse, close friends, collaborators/partners at work. If there is a debilitated planet in the 7th house, it will be more difficult for us to enjoy this area of life. How that difficulty manifests depends on which planet is debilitated, the dasha cycle (which indicates which karmas we are working with at any given time) the native is in, the current planetary transits, and many other factors which can be read more thoroughly from the complete chart.


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