What is Hamsa Rajyog (हंस राजयोग) benefits and how to calculate

Formation of Hamsa Rajyog
Hamsa Yoga forms with the divine Jupiter, when it occupies Kendra houses together with if it occupies signs – Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces, then this gives the arise of Hamsa Yoga.
Jupiter signifies, wealth, expansion, education, guru, wisdom, learning, happiness, elegance, knowledge. Native with Hamsa Yoga are sweet voice, attractive courageous, honest, trust worthy, educated, virtuous and enjoys all types of material comforts and sensual desires.

Cancellation of Maha Purush Yoga
As per classical texts Mansagri, chapter 13, says The conjunction of the Yoga creating planets if conjoins with the Sun or Moon then Yoga gets nullified or becomes ineffective. Whereas there are some more other factors which gives cancellation of Mahapurusha Yoga, which are as follows:
Moon is in 6/8 position fromJupiter.Close contact with the Mercury/Rahu.Mutual aspect with the Mars. Jupiter is combust or Retro. If Yoga giving planet is combust or weak. If it is aspected by it’s deb…

First house in Astrology

Main Rulerships: 
Life, vitality and health. Stature, colour, complexion, form and shape of body. Older sources note its influence upon the intellect, the way the mind works, and speech. 
In general, the first house represents the focal point for the personality and manner of expression. As well as describing the physical appearance, the condition of this house and that of its planetary ruler indicates the level of personal vitality and strength. 

In Horary Astrology:
The querent in any question. If a question is asked regarding a mundane situation in which the querent is not personally involved but has a strong sympathy and inclination, then use the 1st house to represent the party the querent favours and supports. In questions regarding war, for example, the 1st house signifies the querent's own country, since they identify with the concerns of their country when the question is expressed. 

In Mundane Astrology:
The common people or general state of the nation. The country and its inhabitants as a whole; its general condition of prosperity and health or the reverse. 

In lawsuits or conflicts:
Whoever initiates the action. For the commencement of a trial, the prosecution. 

In Events:
Generally it signifies whoever makes the first move; in business, who makes the proposal; in war, who makes the first offence; in games, the home team. 

In Medical Matters:
The head and face: eyes, ears, mouth, hair, nose, tongue, teeth; Culpeper notes: "whatsoever is above the first vertebra of the neck". 
Saturn, Mars or the north node in this house denote a blemish in the face, or in the part of the body represented by the sign on the cusp; Lilly notes: "as if Aries be in the ascendant, the mark, mole, or scar is without fail in the head or face; and if few degrees of the sign ascend, the mark is in the upper part of the head; if the middle of the sign be on the cusp, the mole, mark or scar is in the middle of the face, or near it; if the later degrees ascend, the face is blemished near the chin, towards the neck." ([CA] p.51) 
In decumbiture charts the 1st house represents the patient and the condition of its ruler shows the strength of their vitality, as opposed to the 6th house ruler which represents the disease. If the 1st house ruler is stronger than the 6th, the patient will overcome the illness. 

In Commerce:
The buyer. 

White and pale colours. Lilly notes: "if you enquire after the colour of the clothes of any man, if his significator be in the first house, and in a sign corresponding, the party's apparel is white or grey, or somewhat near that colour, so also if the question be for cattle, when their significators are found in this house, it denotes them to be of that colour or near it". 
The symbolism of 'white colour' relates to the Sun's movement over the ascendant bringing light. 

Cardinal, masculine, diurnal. 


Associated Planets:
Mercury has its joy in the 1st; Lilly notes: "because it represents the head, and he the tongue, fancy and memory: when he is well dignified and posited in this house, he produces good orators". 
Aries and Saturn are cosignificators: "for as this house is the first house, so is Aries the first sign, and Saturn the first of the planets; and therefore when Saturn is but moderately well fortified in this house, and in any benevolent aspect of Jupiter, Venus, Sun or Moon, it promises a good sober constitution of body, and usually long life".


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